First 100% electric 50-tonne tractor-trailer combination on the Dutch road

BREYTNER and H.N. Post & Zonen provide zero emission transport of building materials, supermarket distribution and container transport with fully electric 50-tonne truck.

Rotterdam 10 May 2021 - The first 50-tonne heavy-duty electric tractor was taken into service today. This is the first truck of this size to operate in the Netherlands. Replacing diesel-powered trucks for this more sustainable variant marks an important step in reducing CO2 emissions. A milestone within the Dutch climate agreement, which will see the first zero emission zones for goods transport in Dutch city centres by 2025.

The truck is an initiative of BREYTNER and H.N. Post & Zonen and was made possible partly through support from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management’s DKTI 2 demonstration programme. A unique partnership between various parties made the realisation possible. The truck is used for various logistics flows; transporting paving materials from manufacturer Struyk Verwo Infra for the Municipality of Rotterdam, supermarket distribution for PLUS Retail and container transport in the Port of Rotterdam.

"As a zero emission transport company, we are delighted that we are once again leading the way and have been able to push the boundaries again. We hereby demonstrate that more and more goods flows can be transported sustainably" Marie-José Baartmans, managing director of BREYTNER

Technological feat

Until now, range and heavier trucks have been a difficult combination. The truck from BREYTNER and H.N. Post & Zonen was developed by EMOSS and can be used similarly to a diesel tractor. With a range of 150 kilometres and the ability to recharge quickly while loading goods, this tractor is well suited to serving the Rotterdam region. Loading and unloading of the paving material also takes place zero emission via an all-electric crane on the trailer.

Stientje van Veldhoven, State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management: “Stientje van Veldhoven, State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management: And yet here too is a sustainable breakthrough. A transport company with clean air as its goal. Breytner shows that it can be done. Together with the municipality of Rotterdam and supermarket chain PLUS. With this 50-tonne zero emission truck we are working in the Netherlands on our climate goals, on the Clean Air Agreement and tackling the nitrogen problem. This is a great Dutch showcase and an example for our international partners.”

"With the deployment of the E-truck, we are focusing on what CAN be done in terms of Zero Emission transport. Despite the limitations in range compared to diesel, we can make optimal use of this truck through smart adjustments in the logistics process. As far as we are concerned, that tastes like more." Dé Post, managing director of H.N. Post & Sons-

Rowell Versleijen, director of logistics PLUS Retail: “PLUS has been the Most Sustainable Supermarket for seven years in a row. Contributing to a better environment and greening transport is one of the focus points within our CSR policy. In this way, we can supply our shops ever more sustainably. That is cleaner and quieter for the neighbourhood and a win for the climate. We are therefore enormously proud to be able to contribute in this way.”

Alfons van Woensel, general manager Struyk Verwo Infra: “Struyk Verwo Infra is the market leader in public paving. Even before the Climate Agreement, the Green Deal and the Concrete Agreement, sustainability was a strategic pillar. We help municipalities to achieve climate goal. In cooperation within the concrete chain, we can make a difference when it comes to sustainability. This pilot with zero-emission transport is a great example of that, where together with the municipality and the transport operator we are contributing to a more sustainable Rotterdam.”

Unique partnership

Only by joining hands could this important first be realised. As many as 16 parties are partners in this step. Both public and private parties from various sectors work together and are willing to share knowledge with each other. The collaboration has made it possible to make the best possible use of the tractor; a textbook example of Asset Sharing.

Rotterdam Climate Agreement – climate deal 23

The electrification of (heavy) vehicles is important to work towards a clean, attractive, healthy, CO2-neutral city. With the use of this electric tractor, one of the Climate Deals, Climate Deal #23, has been achieved. With this Climate Deal, Rotterdam, together with the participants, is working on making its own operations fossil-free.



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