Launching mobile fast chargers within joint DKTI subsidy project ‘VERZET’

BREYTNERS sister company Vlot Logistics launches 300kW fast chargers! MDB B.V. takes steps together with Vlot Logistics towards a zero emission construction site. TBI company MDB and Vlot Logistics start using a mobile fast charger to enable zero-emission construction logistics.

Rotterdam, 2 March 2021 – The zero-emission construction site is high on the agenda of builders and politicians due to climate targets and the nitrogen crisis. Specialist in zero-emission construction logistics Vlot Logistics, together with TBI company MDB, is deploying a mobile energy storage system with High Voltage fast charger to take a big step towards the zero-emission construction site. The 300kW fast charger will be used to charge zero emission trucks while they unload materials at the construction site. The possibility of using this to increase the range of a battery electric truck contributes to the acceptance and deployment potential of these clean and innovative vehicles. Vlot Logistics has developed this mobile solution within the subsidy project VERZET of which BREYTNER is consortium partner.

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