Zero emission transport service SVI / BREYTNER / HN Post & Sons

Vlaardingen 23 March 2023 – Struyk Verwo Infra, together with transport partner BREYTNER/H.N. Post & Zonen, is taking a next step in making the transport of its paving materials more sustainable, introducing zero-emission transport on a daily basis.

The Climate Agreement stipulates that by 2025, goods transport in the 30 to 40 largest Dutch cities must be emission-free. Heavy diesel vehicles must also switch to electric variants to still be allowed to enter so-called zero-emission zones. In 2021, BREYTNER/H.N. Post & Zonen and Struyk Verwo Infra already launched a pilot with the very first 50-tonne heavy-duty electric tractor and electric loading and unloading crane in the Netherlands. This now leads to the introduction of a unique service in the industry: zero-emission transport.

Zero-emission transport part of sustainability roadmap

Peter Eikhout, Director Logistics & IT: “We are the market leader in public paving. Even before the Climate Agreement, the Green Deal and the Concrete Agreement, sustainability was a strategic pillar. Zero-emission transport is therefore an integral part of our sustainability roadmap. In cooperation within the concrete chain, we can make a difference as a forerunner. And help municipalities achieve climate goals. It is a logical next step to take the initiative now by introducing zero-emission transport as an extra service. We are going for long-term commitment.

Technological developments

Technological developments within emission-free transport are rapid. Marie-José Baartmans, managing director BREYTNER: “The first pilot e-truck had a range of 140 kilometres, this sometimes brought deployment restrictions. The energy density of battery packs has increased so that we can now drive 250 to 300 km with heavy paving material. In addition, there has been more fast-charging capacity within the Netherlands, allowing you to cover a large part of the country.” What strikes Baartmans is that Struyk Verwo Infra is unique in positioning the zero-emission transport service within its industry. “That shows vision and guts. At an early stage, knowledge and experience is gained with which Struyk Verwo Infra can make the right choices, and further scaling up of zero emission transport in the coming years.”

Daily deployment in large delivery area

Head of Transport Planning Gertjan Visch adds: ‘I am proud that we offer this new zero-emission transport service. This Volvo with its electric crane will join our daily planning. That in itself is unique. Thanks to the extended kilometre range, the delivery area will be much larger. For now, we are focusing on the Amsterdam-The Hague-Rotterdam-Dordrecht region. I am curious to see which municipalities are also sustainable frontrunners and include zero-emission transport in their projects.



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