Rabobank “Strong Links” on zero emission transport

Strong Links on zero-emission transport

As an entrepreneur, you naturally want to make your business as strong as possible. This is easier when you work together with other companies. In this episode of ‘Strong Links’, brand-new entrepreneurs Ellen & Naomi talk to Jaap, Marie-José and Dé about zero-emission transport.

Working together on emission-free transport

Making the transport sector more sustainable. Quite a challenge. Dé Post, director at the family business at H.N. Post en Zonen in Pijnacker dared to take on the challenge. His transport company set up a special partnership with an end user: innocent in the port of Rotterdam.

Drinks producer innocent has the principle that everything is done on the basis of zero emissions (CO2 neutral). So that also applies to the transport of orange juice to the new factory. To achieve this, H.N. Post en Zonen has set up a joint venture with Breytner, a specialist in zero emission transport. This new joint venture has purchased four electric trucks.

"Look at how you can become more sustainable. There are more opportunities than you think. But you have to start taking steps otherwise you will miss the boat" Marie-José Baartmans, managing director of BREYTNER

Chain cooperation is crucial

Transport & Mobility sector manager Henry Steenbergen of the Rabobank, also said chain cooperation is crucial to make the sector more sustainable. To get emissions down, you first have to transport less and more efficiently. That will only succeed if you work together with the whole chain. The next step is zero-emission transport. Although the e-truck is not a goal in itself. The goal is less CO2 emissions, which ultimately ensures a better environment. So: less, more efficient and emission-free transport. In that order. Then, as a sector, you make great strides.

Open book construction

This cooperation also involves a different way of doing business. There is an ‘open book construction’, where all parties have access to the state of affairs. From investments to margins and also profits. Dé Post: “We show exactly where the costs are, what remains of it and how we can improve it together.” Jaap from innocent confirms this: “The strength of this cooperation is that, with Breytner and Post and Sons, we have two partners who have the same drive and are willing to go very far in an open book construction to achieve this.”

By the way, the trucks were purchased through Rabo Lease, which is done a lot within the transport and logistics industry. With leasing, you don’t suddenly have to make a big investment out of your own pocket. That way, as a company, you keep financial room to grow.

"The mutual trust and drive to achieve success are the main strengths of this project." Jaap van Dokkum, Innocent



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